Aplicatia Verbs pentru iPhone si iPad versiunea 3.0


Verbs, aplicatia de instant messaging pentru iPhone si iPad a fost updatata la versiunea 3.0.

Una din cele mai importante caracteristici ale noii versiuni este posibilitatea de a pastra conversatiile sincronizate pe toate device-urile tale via iCloud. Asta functioneaza in mare parte ca functia de sincronizare din iMessage, unde orice mesaj apare in acelasi timp pe toate device-urile, fie ca Verbs functioneaza pe acel device sau nu. Anterior acestei versiuni orice device care nu avea aplicatia instalata pierdea mesajele care erau descarcate pe celelalte device-uri.

“What’s New in Version 3.0.0

• Designed for iOS 7
• Completely rewritten server side code
• Supports Jabber protocol
• Added OAuth support for GTalk
• Real time syncing of chat messages across devices
• New Conversations view
• Use Dropbox to share files in chat
• Sync Chat, File Sharing and Read Later accounts over iCloud
• Pocket (Read later) support
• Safari’s Reading Lists support
• Sent bubble color changes when messages are delivered
• Notify when a buddy comes online
• Ability to mute buddies
• New Notification sounds
• HTML hyperlinks are supported in messages
• Use shapes to indicate Buddy Status
• Ability to create Lists (Groups)
• In-app notifications
• Lotta bug fixes!

• Before upgrading, please back up your existing conversations using the “Email conversation” feature. Because of the new sync features, your existing (2.x) accounts and conversations would not be available after upgrade.
• We’re removing Facebook chat support for the time being
• Also, we’re deprecating Verbs Pro and the basic app itself will include all the pro features.”