Aplicatia Paper de la FiftyThree versiunea 1.6


Aplicatia Paper de la FiftyThree, cunoscuta pentru crearea de ilustratii pe iPad, a primit in sfarsit un nou design pentru iOS 7.

Dezvoltatorul spune ca acest nou update este “a blend of metaphor and flat aesthetics that required the team to update every visual asset in the app”.
In timp ce aplicatia retine mare parte din aspectul versiunilor precedente, vei observa ca totul a primit o noua culoare. Asta include “faster menus, simplified icons, lighter colors, journal covers that pop, custom typefaces, and overall improved readability.” Pe langa acestea noul update are un tool pentru zoom imbunatatit precum si schimbari ale felului iin care se realizeaza punctul in aplicatie.
“More Powerful Zoom & Ink.
Zoom isn’t just about getting closer, it’s about having the tools to do detailed work. Now when you zoom in, your tools do too. Draw, Color, Erase, and Blend adjust their size in the loupe to give you finer control over tiny areas without ever touching a slider.

Dot Dot Dot.
Master the dot. Dot size in the Draw and Erase tools is now linked to how long you press. Tap quickly to make small dots, or hold down longer to create bigger ones. Starry skies and spotted cows are now easier to draw than ever.”