Google lanseaza smartphone-ul care cartografiaza 3D


Google a lansat azi Project Tango, un smartphone experimental si un kit care incorporeaza senzori 3D capabili sa cartografieze indoor si outdoor. Primul prototip Project Tango, face mai mult de un sfert de million de masuratori 3D in fiecare secunda, urmarind miscarea pe trei dimensiuni pentru a crea o harta 3D a spatiului din jurul device-ului.

Google descrie Project Tango in principal ca un tool de cartografiere, care captureaza automat lumea din jurul fiecarui utilizator pentru a da directii, dimensiuni si harti ale mediului inconjurator.

“What if you could capture the dimensions of your home simply by walking around with your phone before you went furniture shopping? What if directions to a new location didn’t stop at the street address? What if you never again found yourself lost in a new building? What if the visually-impaired could navigate unassisted in unfamiliar indoor places? What if you could search for a product and see where the exact shelf is located in a super-store?”

Compania vede Project Tango ca primal pas spre reality games care imbina jocul cu locate din lumen reala. “Imagine playing hide-and-seek in your house with your favorite game character, or transforming the hallways into a tree-lined path. Imagine competing against a friend for control over territories in your home with your own miniature army, or hiding secret virtual treasures in physical places around the world?”