Steve Jobs a facut S.U.A “cool”


Steve Jobs, co-fondatorul Apple, se afla alaturi Miles Davis, Paul Newman si Jay-Z printre persoanele alese de National Portrait Gallery sa reprezinte icon-urile culturii americane care au facut ca SUA sa fie cool.

Expozitia este creata pentru a celebra oamenii care au facut America sa fie “Cool”. National Potrait Gallery spune despre aceasta expozitie ca poarta: “a social charge of rebellious self-expression, charisma, edge and mystery.”

In fotografia realizata de Charles O’rear, Steve Jobs este prezenat cu barba, cu parul pana pe la umeri, purtand jeans si o camasa in timp ce conduce o motocicleta prin campusul Apple.

“Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” — the concluding thought in The Whole Earth Catalog — served as Steve Job’s unofficial motto. Drawing inspiration from that bible of the counterculture, Jobs recast how people think about and use technology. As the cofounder of Apple, he worked in the shadow of such behemoths as IBM and Microsoft. Yet, with great nimbleness and much brashness he led an upstart company that transformed the consumer electronics industry with revolutionary products such as the Apple II and Macintosh computers, iPod, iPhone, and the iPad. Jobs was always the face of Apple, and his much-publicized ambition to create more elegant and “user-friendly” devices made him part of a national tradition of inventor-heros dating back to to Thomas Edison. “Think Different,” Apple’s highly successful advertising campaign introduced in 1997, was not only a shrewd marketing slogan but also exemplified Jobs’ relationship with the larger industry. Channeling his inner Steve McQueen, the jeans-wearing executive often raced his motorcycle between meetings during Apple’s early years.

Charles O’Rear (born 1941)
Reproduction print from 1981 original
National Geographic Image Collection, Washington, D.C.”