Apple obtine 19% din piata globala de PC-uri si tablete in ultimul trimestru al 2013


Apple conduce din nou in piata de PC-uri si tablete in ultimul trimestru din 2013. Apple a livrat 30.9 milioane Mac-uri si iPad-uri care corespunde unei piete de 19.5% din piata.

Lenovo este pe locul al doilea (in crestere cu 25% fata de aceeasi perioada a anului trecut) cu o cota de piata de 11.8%, din piata globala. Catalys estimeaza ca 84.3% din livrarile Apple, sau 26 milioane au fost iPad-uri.

Apple remained the PC market leader in Q4, shipping 30.9 million units to take a 19.5% share of the market. It shipped 26.0 million iPads, which accounted for 84.3% of its total shipments in Q4. Apple’s share of the overall tablet market increased sequentially from 27.3% to 34.1%, with the launch of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display providing a much needed boost. The original iPad mini also fell in price, down to US$299 in the US, making it cheaper than ever to buy an iPad. But competition is mounting and Android tablets are falling in price, which will put pressure on Apple’s market share in 2014.”