Volkswagen dezvaluie o aplicatie centrata pe iOS pentru service-ul masinilor sale


Constructorul german de masini Volkswagen a dezvaluit o aplicate gen reality support pentru repararea  masinilor sale. Aplicatia este centrata pe iOS, este creata pentru a fi folosita pe Volkswagen XL1 o masina concept si indruma tehnicienii auto prin fiecare pas al reparatiei, aratand fiecare piesa in parte si afisand pas cu pas instructiuni pentru repararea unor chestiuni specifice.

“Using the previous approach, the service technician could only call up digital repair guidelines. For the XL1, these guidelines were supplemented by the MARTA augmented reality function which “labels” the individual parts and elements with text and shows work instructions clearly.

When MARTA is called up, the system lists all of the jobs to be performed along with the necessary equipment. Each work task to be performed begins with what is known as an initialization. The vehicle’s silhouette is shown in the display of the mobile end device, and it shows the employee the orientation to be taken in relation to the vehicle. If the silhouette and the camera image of the real vehicle agree, the initialization is finished successfully. Then the individual context-dependent work steps are shown on the tablet. This gives the employee a new system for identifying work items quicker and more accurately.”

Mai devreme in acest an, Volkswagen a debutat cu “iBeetle”, despre care constructorul de autoturisme spune ca este prima masina din lume care are “genuine integrative interface made for the iPhone that was coordinated with Apple.”
Apple a dezvaluit deasemenea “iOS in the Car”  odata cu lansarea iOS 7 anul acesta , permitand masinilor cu sisteme compatibile sa interactioneze cu iOS, urmand ca suportul pentru aceasta caracteristica sa fie lansat in 2014.