Samsung prins ca umfla artificial viteza procesorului de pe Galaxy Note 3


La fel cum a facut si cu smartphone-ul Galaxy S4, Samsung a fost prins din nou crescand artificial viteza procesorului din Galaxy Note 3. Samsung foloseste un cod special in sistemul sau de operare pentru a mari viteza procesorului cand ruleaza anumite aplicatii reper. Prin urmare s-a descoperit ca Galaxy Note 3 raporteaza performante ale procesorului cu pana la 20% mai mari decat vor avea majoritatea aplicatiilor pe acest device.

“The difference is remarkable. In Geekbench’s multicore test, the Note 3′s benchmark mode gives the device a 20 percent boost over its “natural” score. With the benchmark boosting logic stripped away, the Note 3 drops down to LG G2 levels, which is where we initially expected the score to be given the identical SoCs. This big of a boost means that the Note 3 is not just messing with the CPU idle levels; significantly more oomph is unlocked when the device runs a benchmark.”